Friday, April 3, 2015

Review: Battle of the Generic Fabric Refreshers!

What a corny title!  Anyway...

Basically, a few weeks ago I saw a bunch of new generic fabric refreshers at my local Dollar Tree.  So, I decided to pick one up.  If I can find a good one for $1, I wouldn't have to make my own anymore.  Sounds fabulous!

I inadvertently found myself in possession of 6 different generic kinds as I continued my search.  Haha! I have quite the collection now.  I even picked up one of the name brand for comparison. make all my purchases seem less strange, I thought a blog post was in order.  It gives them purpose and whatnot.

It was also just fun to test them out, and I was pretty amazed to find out which products did well and which were total duds.  So, without further ado...

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Febreze Sleep Serenity Moonlit Lavender (16.9 fl oz) - $4.94

I made sure to buy a name brand, because I think that sometimes we remember products more fondly than they are in reality.  I had actually coupon'ed this down to $1.59 at my local Kroger.  I would never pay $5 for something like this when I can make my own.  Not even for science-y blog purposes.  Anyway.... 

This was the clear winner of this group.  I am not surprised.  This stuff is absolutely AMAZING.  Why must your price tag be so high?

I would spray this on my bed, and it would fill my entire room with glorious wafts or lavender goodness for 2 days.  It was just...yes!  It was definitely as good as I remember it being.

This is just really good stuff.  I'm not surprised, because they have been able to keep the price high without suffering in sales.

So, let's see if any of the generics even got close to this one....

Family Dollar Fabric Refresher Odor Eliminator Linen Scent (27 fl oz) - $2.00

The scent on this one was pretty strong.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn't have to shove my nose into the bed to smell it, and it lasted over an hour.  I would never repurchase it, though.

It smells strongly of rubbing alcohol.  Truth be told, I am sensitive to that smell, but even my nasally challenged father commented on it.  It was like spraying a cheap body spray all up over my bed.  It was not nice at all.

Kroger Home Sense Fabric Refresher Lavender Scent (33.8 fl oz) - $1.99

This one was such a dud!

I was so shocked, because Kroger products are usually amazing.  I have dryer sheets and fragrance beads from the same brand that are fabulous, but this fell short.

I would spray it on my bed, and I couldn't smell anything.  I would even bury my face in my duvet, and I still couldn't smell a thing.  All I go was a damp bed.  I would never repurchase it.  I would probably take it for free, but just to dump the contents out and reuse the bottle. 

LA's Totally Awesome Fabric Refresher Fresh Lavender Fields (33 fl oz) - $1.00

This one was okay.  I would spray it on my bed, and I could actually smell it.  I could smell a very light, almost powdery fragrance about 6 inches from my duvet.  I was hopeful.

Unfortunately, the scent dissipated so dang fast!  Within minutes, it was like you never sprayed it.  So, I would not repurchase this one either.

LA's Totally Awesome Fabric Refresher Crisp Linen Scent (33 fl oz) - $1.00

This was actually the first one that I picked up when I started this crazy pursuit of generic treasures.

Out of the three from this brand that I tried, this one was the weakest.  The scent was pleasant when I first would spray it down, but it got very weak in less than a minute.  I had to put my nose to the bed to smell anything, and it would be completely gone in minutes.  I would never repurchase.

LA's Totally Awesome Fabric Refresher Extra Strength Floral Scent (33 fl oz) - $1.00

Out of the three from this brand that I tried, this one was the best.  It is also the second best over all today for the generics.

The scent is nice, and I could really smell in after I first sprayed it on my bed.  I could still smell it about a foot or so from my duvet for about 15 min.  Unfortunately, it faded as well in less than an hour.  It is 2-3 times stronger than the other 2 from this brand.  I probably would not repurchase, but I might consider it if I was in a pinch.

The Home Store (Dollar Tree) Fabric Refresher Extra Strength (33 fl oz) - $1.00

Surprisingly, this one was the clear winner of the generic brands!  I am still shocked.  This was the last one that I picked up, because I spotted it shoved to the back of the shelf at my Dollar Tree.  I almost didn't bother, but I figured I already had a shelf full at the house.  So, why not?

I am so glad I picked it up.  It is leagues and bounds better than all the other generics in this post.  I would spray it down, and I would get a strong, fresh laundry smell that would even make my tiny room smell nice.

The scent stayed for most of the day as well.  I could even still smell it a bit the next morning if I put my nose about an inch from my duvet.  I can't believe it.  I expected it to be terrible.

This one is not as good as the one that I make, but I would definitely repurchase this one for bigger jobs or when I just can't be bothered to make any.  It is such a good price for the amount of product.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Final Thoughts

Let's put them in order from best to worst:
  1. Febreze
  2. The Home Store - Extra Strength
  3. LA's Totally Awesome - Extra Strength Floral Scent
  4. Family Dollar - Odor Eliminator Fresh Linen
  5. LA's Totally Awesome - Fresh Lavender Fields
  6. LA's Totally Awesome - Crisp Linen Scent
  7. Kroger Home Sense - Lavender Scent

Well, this was quite an experience!  It goes to show that you can't judge a product until you have really road tested it.


All this was bought by me.  I keep telling y'all I'm not cool enough for companies to care.  Haha!
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