Friday, January 31, 2014

Samples I Got (January 25-31, 2014)

Hey guys...

Just thought I would share some of the freebies I got this past week, because who doesn't love free samples?  I am still excited over my Atkins pack I got this week. Eeeee!


The main freebie sites I follow are:

(So, if you want some great samples, be sure to check 'em out.)

Want to see what I got this week? Click BELOW...

Atkins Quick Start Kit

This is a great kit.  Inside the box, you get 3 full size Atkins Bars. (I got Caramel Chew Nut Bar, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar, and Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch.)  I've eaten one of them so far and it was sooooo good! It didn't taste like a regular protein/health bar at all.

The kit also includes a nifty Carb Counterbook (Over 60 pages!) It has a Quick start guide with a couple meal plans and lots of success stories.  And...a couple great coupons toward more Atkins products.

Breath Right Strips (Extra Clear for Sensitive Skin)

 I was kind of excited for these, because of my past experiences with generic brands of nasal strips like this.  They would work okay, but when I peeled them off my skin would break out from the adhesive or it would rip my skin off like duct tape.

These were pretty awesome I have to admit.  I didn't break out or lose skin layers, and they let me breathe better through a terrible bout of nasal congestion. So, yay!

My only note would be:  If you are going to use these and have oily skin, use a toner on your nose first or even a alcohol swab or something.  It might not stick very well otherwise.  Especially if you are using it for bed time.

Metamucil MultiHealth Fiber

I got some Metamucil.  I am curious to try this out.  I did try Benefiber when it first came out and all the pretty commercials slowly hypnotized me into buying it.  I didn't like it though.  So, I stopped.  (Which probably wasn't the smartest thing given what I crammed into my diet during my college years. much greasy pizza and ramen.)

They gave me a couple packets to try. (They recommend one packet per 8oz glass of juice.) They even gave me a coupon to get a good deal on some more.  Who doesn't love good poops? Whoohoo
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