Friday, September 12, 2014

Big Lots Haul: More Formula X Polishes, Windchimes, Food Clearance, and More

I put my newest Buzz Club coupon to work and was able to get some neat stuff!

Let's get to my latest haul!

Firstly, I got scored a couple more 75% off wind chimes!  I got a couple of these lovely butterfly (pictured above) and dragonfly ones for $1.50.  They were originally $6.  Yes!!!

Here's a picture of the Dragonfly one:

On to the food items:

They had some awesome food clearance at this particular store.

Cofresh Poppadum Curls Lentil Snacks - $.45ea

These were so good!  They don't have many calories either.  I hope I can find more.

Fresh Fresh Chopped Onions - $1

This is just a good deal.  We put these in our corn bread to give it an onion flavor.  So, yay!

Keebler Toasteds Wheat Crackers - $.65
Lorna Doone Cookies - $.24
Ritz Crackers - $.50ea

I just couldn't pass up these items for prices like this.  Just holy crap!  Always check the clearance buggies!  :)

Hot Pink Coin Purse - $2

This was by the check outs when I was waiting in line.  I was so happy!  I love hot pink and I'm a capricorn. Could this be destiny? haha

I had actually seen a coin purse almost identical to this one at Kohl's awhile back that I wanted, but it was $12.95.  So, score!

Bio Swiss 4-in-1 Foot Tool - $1.80

This is my latest weapon in my battle to have passable feet.  Summer has not been kind to these old, dried out, scaly, mangy dogs.

Formula X By Sephora Polishes - $2.50

I found even more colors that I haven't seen before, and I even got a back up of my current fav.  Color names under the close up picture below.  Keep 'em coming Big Lots!

Seasonal 3 wick candles - $5ea

Vanilla Nutmeg - I usually stay away from Vanilla, because I've just grown tired of it over the years.  I love this one though!  It has a nice warm spicy hint to it.

Pumpkin Praline - I get so tired of all the pumpkin crap that comes out around fall.  Seriously...  I love this one though.  It isn't a traditional pumpkin spice.  The fragrance has a strong pecan note to it.  Yum!

The polish names, in above picture order are:

Jaded (Had to get a back up of this one!)




So far, I have loved every creme that I've tried from this line.  Yes!  I hope to find even more.  Bring it on!
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