Saturday, September 6, 2014

CVS: Clearance and Dollar Bin Finds

So I went to CVS to coupon like usual, and I stumbled onto some great Dollar Days items.

I even found a lot of 75% clearance items.  Whoohoo!  (Tip:  Check the items at the CVS Coupon Machine before you go to check out.  I went to 2 different stores and they each had different items marked down.)

Regular Priced Finds (Pictured Above)

Small Clip Board (Owl Design) - $1

It's pink and has owls on it.  Did you think I could pass it up?  haha  I really did need a small clip board though.  So, yay!

Craft Beads - $1/pk

I am always surprised by the good craft items that show up in the Dollar Days bins.

Moustache Scourers 3pk - $1

I picked these up for my upcoming giveaway on my youtube channel.  Too cute!

Froggie Note Pad - $1

These notepads aren't the best.  (I already have a pink one.)  They are handy and cute though.

Novelty Pens - $1

I love chubby pens.  I couldn't pass these up.

Now, onto the clearance items!

Containers, Containers, and more Containers

All these containers ended up being $0.25 - $0.49 each.  Yes!  So many good uses!

Oriental Lantern with Light - $.49ea

I actually have had my eye on these for quite awhile.  I even debated on whether to purchase them at full price or not.  Haha!  So this made me very happy!

Milkshake Straws - $.25

I love these for smoothies!  I love them even more at this price.  Yes!
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