Friday, July 10, 2015

Big Lots: Dollar Rice Noodle Bowls and more

So, this is a haul for a couple weeks ago that I totally thought I posted.  But...alas, I'm a loser sometimes.  Haha!  Since I am doing stretches and over complicated yoga poses to prepare myself for the 20% off sale that starts tomorrow, I thought I would go ahead and share it. 

Rice Krispies Multi Grain Puffs - on clearance - $1.30

Special K Brownies - on clearance - $1.00

Quaker Chocolate Chip Rice Cakes - $1.30

Rice cakes are so much cheaper at Big Lots than at other stores.  My Walmart has them for $2.50.  So, I always check Big Lots first. 

(I have a love-hate thing going with Walmart anyway. I love the wax and scrapbooking things and hate everything else.  Haha!)

Thai Smile Rice Noodle Soup Bowls (Garlic, Spring Onion, and Mushroom) - $1.00

I thought I would get some of these for my dad to try out.  He loves the chow mein and the yakisoba ones.  So, I got him 2 of each flavor.

He really likes them.  He did say that they weren't quite as flavorful as the other microwave noodle meals that he's tried, but he wants me to pick him up more.  He says that they are more like soup noodles than the others.  He likes to dip his bread in these and eat them that way.

He also said that they didn't "salt him to death" like the others.  So, I got some winners here. 

Alpo Canned Dog Food - $.65

I need to get a Viking opera hat and sing my song of woe at the lack of good pet food deals in my area.  

Aspen 40pk Paper Bowls - $3.00

Big Lots has the best deal on coated paper bowls of anywhere in my area.  They are even cheaper than when the Dixie ones go on sale with coupons sometimes.  My dad has to have paper bowls.  So paper bowls he shall have at the best price.

Whale Cat Toy - on clearance - $1.00

I'm a cat lady.  That is all.

Weekly Memo Pad - $1.50

These are so cute!  One side is a paid with a whole week to a page.  It would be great for keeping up with appointments or a work schedule.  The other side is just a cute full page note with some cute patterns.  I couldn't pass them up.

Big Lots seem to have bought out some really nice stationary and greeting card lots from some high end paper companies.  Keep your eyes peeled at your stores.

Eraser Pack - $.65

Dad wanted erasers.  We got erasers.  :)
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