Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bargain Trip: Big Lots Haul Pt1 (Non-Beauty)

I have been to 3 different Big Lots in the last couple of weeks.  So, I thought I would just compile the finds into a 2 part haul type thing.  This is the non-beauty items.  Part 2 will be all of the health and beauty items.  (Aka nail polish and other stuff. haha!)

Is it me or have some Big Lots really stepped up their game lately?

The fun thing about Big Lots is that you never truly know what you will find.  That was definitely the case with this first item.

Holmes Humidifier (with a bonus extra filter) for $9.50

We had needed a humidifier back during the winter, because our wood stove makes it so dry in the house.  We just couldn't justify the expense at the time.  (We're cheap if y'all ain't figured that out yet.)

So, I snagged this puppy when I saw it.  It is a small area one, but our house is super duper tiny.  So, it works out.  (The other side has the english packaging.  I just snapped this side for the price tag.)  I just thought that it was an awesome deal!

They had select head phones on sale BOGO 1/2 off.  I go through head phones like crazy, because I am rarely without a pair on my noggin'.  What can I say?  I'm a music junkie, and I hate interacting with most people.  No ear buds for this girl!

Sentry Deep Bass Studio Head Phones with mic and external volume control - $7.50 after discount
Sentry Studio Deluxe with external volume control - $7.50 after discount

I have actually used these exact ones in a different color before and they are better than any super expensive head phones I've had.  Seriously, I had a pair that cost $150, and they weren't as good as these in my opinion.  I got about a year of hard, daily use out of my old deep bass pair (that I bought at TJ Maxx for $15) before one side shorted out.  For $7.50, and in my favorite color, oh heck yes!

WestSoy Vanilla Shelf Stable Soymilk - $1.00
Silk Pure Almond Shelf Stable Milk - $1.00

This one particular Big Lots that I went to was like food heaven.  They seriously had over 20 aisles of gourmet food. 

I was so happy to find the WestSoy, because I had couponed some before and it tastes amazing.  It tastes so good that I would probably pay the $3.50 full price for it in the store.  I also love almond milk so I picked up the Silk for $1.00.

The dates were also 3 months ahead which is great.  (So, I was able to get quite a few.)  I always check all the dates on Big Lots grocery items, because sometimes the dates are really close.

These were just some cute magnetic note pads that were clearanced out for $.50.  I needed some and was already planning to pick one up for a buck at the dollar tree.  So, yay for me!

I know it's hard to see what they have on them in the picture.  (My camera is 10 years old which is like 500 in camera years.  Respect your elders.  haha)  The second one is my favorite.

Its says:

"Some days
You're the dog,
Some days you're
The hydrant."

It honestly speaks to me on a deep spiritual level.  Or as they say in internet speak:  "I know that feel, bro."


I am lucky to have a few Big Lots less than 30min from me, because not every Big Lots is created equal.  One I go to has a great food section but a craptastic health and beauty section with crazy high prices.  Another one I go to is the opposite with a great beauty section and not much else.  It just depends.  I have also noticed that some mark clearance cheaper than others.

It is still fun to search for deals at any of them though.  I am falling back in love with Big Lots.
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