Thursday, November 19, 2015

CVS Haul: Paper Goods ECB Deal with Coupons

Oh yes!  I have a toilet paper haul!  Haha!  I did 3 transactions and saved well over half despite only having one manufacturer coupon.  My paper stock pile is once again well fed. 

The breakdown is below with what deals and coupons I used.

Brought to the store: 
 - 10 ECBs
 - $.50/1 Cottonelle Wipe mfr Coupon 

Transaction #1

[ECB Deal: Spend $15, Get 5 ECBs]
 - (2) Scott Toilet Paper - $6.99ea ($13.98)
 - (1) Cottonelle 84ct Wipes - $3.99

Subtotal: $17.97
 - used: $.50/1 cottonelle mfr newspaper coupon
 - used: 10 ECBs

Total after coupons: $7.47
 - received 5 ECBs

Transaction #2

[Did the same deal again as above*]
 - (1) Scott Toilet Paper - $6.99
 - (1) Scott Paper Towel** - $5.49

Subtotal: $12.48
 - used: 5 ECBs from transaction #1

Total after coupons: $7.48
 - received 5 ECBs back

Transaction #3***

 - (1) Scott Toilet Paper - $6.99

Subtotal: $6.99
 - used: 5 ECBs from transaction #2

Total after coupons: $1.99

For all 3 Transactions:

Total Before Coupons: $37.44

Total After Coupons: $16.49

Saved: $20.95  (56% savings!)


All totals are before tax since that varies depending on your location.  Tax in my state is brutal!

*The overage from the deal in Transaction #1 carried over into Transaction #2.  My subtotal was $17.97 for the first one.  So, I already had $2.97 toward the spend $15, get 5 for the next one.  So I didn't have to buy the full $15 again to generate another ECB.  This generally happens with deals that you are allowed to do more than once.  Always check the bottom of your receipt to see if your limit is reached for a particular deal.

**It's actually a better deal to get the Viva 6 pack since there is a $1 off coupon that came in the newspaper this past week.  My po'dunk store didn't carry it, though.

***We went ahead and did the 3rd transaction, because we haven't been out shopping very much.  So, we wanted to leave the store without any unused ECBs.

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