Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Big Lots Haul

This is a collective Big Lots haul over a few trips.  I had been really sick for a couple of weeks and it just piled up.

I just got another Buzz Club coupon in my email, too.  So, there will hopefully be another coming soon.

Let's start with some food:

V8 Juice - on clearance - $0.44

I totally didn't see that this was the Spicy Hot kind until after I bought it.  So, I will probably be using this in a garden soup instead of as a beverage.  No regrets for $0.44!

Bauducco Toast - on clearance - $0.50

Little dried toasts or as I call them, giant croutons!

Snyder's of Hanover Pretzel Dips - on clearance - $1.25

I will never buy these again!  I got one bag for me and one for my dad.  My dad, of course, inhaled his in hungry hippo fashion.  Then, it made him super sick, and the man is NEVER sick. 

He got heart burn for the first time in his life.  (Seriously, this man is almost 70.  He needs to teach me this voodoo.)  His chest was hurting so bad that he tried to go to a doctor or walk-in clinic.  (Emphasis on tried, that is a task that is near impossible where we live.  Don't ever get me started on that mess.) 

So, me being the absolute genius that I am, I ate my bag in a moderately paced gobble.  And...guess what?  I got sick, too.  I don't know why.  The date was good and everything.  Just...no!

Skinny Cow Dream Clusters - on clearance - $0.32

These are freaking delicious chocolate nut cow patties from heaven hand made by angels.  Yum!

Tazo Vanilla Roobios Latte - on clearance - $1.00

I love roobios tea, even if I can't pronouce it, but this stuff is really sweet.  It is like syrup.

Recoaro Sparkling Water - reg price - $0.90

This is one of those "I bought it for the bottle" moments.  The water was delicious, though.

Now onto some new holiday items:

Hand Sanitizer 3pk - $3

These are darling! I just wish that they were sold individually.  I'm going to separate them for gifts.

Simple Pleasures Holiday Hand Creams - $1.00 ea

I have bought Simple Pleasures hand creams before, and they are very good for the price.  They aren't heavy duty or anything like Aquaphor or Aveeno, but they are decent, light creams.  They also aren't greasy at all.

These are a few of the new ones they are rolling out.

Tuscan Hills 6pk Hand Cream Set - $5

Oh, me and this set, y'all!  The hand cream is nice.  I took out the Olive Harvest one to try it before I decided to give them as gifts or not.  (I didn't want to give out garbage and you never really know with cheaper items.)  It is a great light cream.

My giant complaint is: they adhered the freaking creams to the packaging backing with crazy industrial glue dots.  They are seriously impossible to dislodge.  The labels are also pretty kraft paper that rips very easily.  I have only managed to get 3 of the 6 free.  It is so annoying!

More Clearance!

Pumpkin Decoration Kit - on clearance - $0.75

These are really just rhinestone sticker sheets in various patterns.  I had been looking for the ones at Dollar Tree, but these were better and cheaper.  Score!

Russell Stovers Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkin - on clearance - $0.25

This was so freaking nasty.  I can't even.  I want my quarter back.

Solar Dancer - on clearance - $1.50

Can we just talk about how this was originally $6?  That is insanity!  Even I, the insane collector of all things cute solar dancers, would never pay that.  I will admit that they are much better quality than the ones at Dollar Tree, but no.

That being said, I am so happy to find him at this price.  I have him right by my bed and he is a delight to wake up to every morning. 

Magic Potion Kitchen Set - on clearance - $1.50

Again, the original price was $6?!  Big Lots, you are not Pier One.  Geez!

This set came with 2 pot holders, a small wash towel, and a larger hand towel.  I was happy to get, because I had been eye-ing since they originally put it on the floor. Whoohoo!

I will say, though, that the towel aren't very good quality.  I washed them once and the pattern faded and distorted quite a bit.  However. the pot holders still look the same after 2 washes.  (I am death on pot holders, y'all.  Save the pot holders from me!)

And, I got some nail polish:

Revlon ColorStay in Cayenne - reg price - $1.50
Revlon ColorStay in Cafe Pink - reg price - $1.50
Revlon ColorStay in Vintage Rose - reg price - $1.50
Revlon ColorStay Gel Shine Top Coat - $1.50

I can't get enough of these ColorStay polishes.  I still can't believe that Revlon discontinued them.  They are so good and so pigmented.  I have about 15-20 and they are all good so far.  I wore Vintage Rose the other day and got so many compliments on it. 

I will say that these are not quick dry polishes.  If that is something that is a must for you, then steer clear.  Once they dry, they are set for awhile.

I was also excited to find the top coat.  I tried it, and it is amazing.  If I find another, I will buy it as a back up for sure.
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