Thursday, August 14, 2014

Big Lots Mini Haul (Updated with Haul Video!)

I got another Buzz Club coupon for $5 off a $20 purchase.  So, of course, I headed to Big Lots again.

I went to a different store this time.  I don't think that I'll go back to that one again, though,  The prices were jacked up all around the store.  I did manage to find some great stuff despite of that.

Details and prices below:

Large Coffee or Soup Mug - $2.50

I was looking back at these purchases and realize just how ready I am for fall.  Seriously, what says fall more than a large mug of soup or hot beverage.  Can't wait!  (Then, we'll all be wishing for spring before long.)

Triscuits Cracker Pepper and Olive Oil Family Size Box - $1.15

This is the really big box.  I'll will take it at this price all day long.  Love me some Big Lots clearance.  Crackers stay fresh for a long time in the freezer.

Blue Harbor Collection Lion Large 18oz Mug - $4

I have never paid near this much for a dish in my life, but I have just had a thing for lions lately.  I don't know.  I just love the rustic feel of it. Sometimes, you just have to buy the mug.

(2) ELF concealer brushes (not pictured) - $.95ea

I forgot to put these in the picture. D'oh!  I just use these for clean up when doing nail art.

Nail Polish

Blasted Gold (Sephora by OPI), Spark-Tacular! (Sephora by OPI), I Only Wear Vintage (Sephora by OPI), I Found a Pot of Gold! (Sephora by OPI), Blasted Black (Sephora by OPI), Envy (Sinful Colors)

I wasn't planning on buying any nail polish, but I was at a different Big Lots.  This one actually had some good nail polish left.  The Sephora by OPI polishes were $1.80 and the Sinful Colors was $1.  I am still not over that Spark-Tacular! one.

One of these days, I'm going to take my polish purchase ban seriously lol.


Haul Video

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