Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CVS: Dollar Days Finds

So this isn't my usual CVS post, because I didn't use any coupons.  *GASP!*

I had some expiring ECBs to kill.  So, I went hunting in the Dollar Days bins.  I thought it would be fun to share what I found.

Details, prices, and even a video below:

Microfiber Scouring Cloths (3pk) - $2

These have microfiber on one side and a scrubbing surface on the other.  The pack has three towels: an adorable cupcake design, a solid vibrant blue, and a gorgeous...HOT PINK!  (Can you tell that I like pink?)

Not sure if I can make myself give these as a gift.  They are too cute!

T-Shirts - $2.50 ea

Yep, t-shirts at CVS.  This was unexpected.

They are men's shirts that are very thick material and high quality.  (Men's shirts usually are when compared to shirts made for women.  Ugh...)  I checked them over and have yet to find a flaw.

I've even worn one that I got already, and it worked fine.  I'm not particular on style anyway.  I'm fortunate, at least for me and my budget, to have a life that doesn't require me to be fashionable or trendy. 

They had quite a few colors, and sizes from XS to 4X.  So, yay!

Milkshake Straws (25ct) - $1

These are the big straws that are for drinking thicker beverages like smoothies.

I had only ever seen these at Big Lots for a much higher price.  So, whoohoo!

Novelty Paper Clips - $1 ea

I got ones with a Heart Design (red and purple) and ones with the Skull Design (regular and jumbo size.)

Now, I got to go spruce up my planner.  Oh yeah!

Check Out My Video of These Finds!

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