Monday, January 5, 2015

Coupon Trip: CVS

I had 8 ECBs expiring.  So, I decided to pick up some of my favorite hand cream and roll them over.  It wasn't my best deal, but I got some stuff that I really needed for a great price.

[Aveeno Deal:  Buy $15, get 5 ECBs]

(2) Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Creams - BOGO1/2off - $8.29, $4.14
(1) Aveeno 2.5oz lotion - $3.79

Subtotal: $16.22
 - used: 8 ECBs
Price Out of Pocket: $8.22 (plus tax)
 - received: 5 ECBs
Final Price: $3.22

This deal is limited to more than one, too.  My receipt says that I only lack $13.78 of triggering 5 more ECBs.  So, I may go back and roll them again, because I received a 30% off lotion coupon, as well as, my quarterly ECBs.

I just love that hand cream.  It is hard to resist at that price.  LOL

I got this last week, but this same Aveeno ECB is going on this week, too.  There were a few Aveeno coupons in the inserts this week as well.  :D
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