Friday, January 9, 2015

Dollar Tree Haul

Sorry.  No Valentine's, Easter, or even Saint Patrick's day stuff to be seen here.  I was never much of a seasonal kind of gal anyway.  :)

Haul Video will be up on my Youtube channel later today as well!  :)

Christmas Cards - on clearance - $0.50ea

One of the Dollar Trees that I went to still had most of their Christmas stuff left and on clearance.  It was crazy.  Apparently, I am not the only one in my area that doesn't like buying a ton of Christmas stuff.  Oh well, cheap cards!

I have enough cards now to send everyone 5 each next year.  Yes!

Dish Brush

I honestly don't know why we bought this.  We have a dish brush.  We have a back up dish brush.  Dad wanted a dish brush.  So, we bought the stupid dish brush.

Mini Calendar in Farmer's Market Design

I crave the spring weather so much that I spent a dollar on a pocket calendar with vegetables on it.  It is about 15 degrees here at the moment, but somehow staring at this gorgeous thing hasn't warmed me a bit.

At least it is pretty and well done!  Brrr...

Mini Glue Stick 26pk

I got a glue gun for Christmas and some higher end glue sticks to go with it.  I thought I would pick a pack of these up anyway to compare to them.  Ya know, for science and all that!

Creamy Cocoa Butter Petroleum Jelly

This is probably my favorite health and beauty item at Dollar Tree.  I use it on my feet before I go to bed, and nothing has worked better. smells like chocolate.

I slap some of this on.  Put on a pair of socks.  Then, I wake up to almost human-like feet.

Angled Scoops

I hadn't seen these at my store before, but I hadn't really looked for them either.  So, I don't know how long they have been there.

I got these for cat food.  So, I can better see the amount I am giving them for rationing.  I got some big old kitties that like to eat.  :)

The Home Store Scented Oil Plug In in Vanilla Scent

We picked one of these up because it looked strangely similar to the glade ones.  Unfortunately, the only scent that they had was vanilla which in my experience is usually very light.

I haven't used it yet, but I am hopeful.  It isn't that great of a deal over the name brand Glade ones, though, when they do on sale.  You are still paying $2 for 2 of these.

The Home Store Air Freshener in Lavender Scent

I had such high hopes for this thing, because it looks just like the Ferbreze Set & Refresh which is beyond awesome.  Seriously, I set one of those Febreze ones by my litter box and it totally conquers the odor completely.  But anyway...

These are TERRIBLE!!!!  Instead of a proper fragrance insert, you basically get a thick piece of paper with some fragrance lightly spray on it.  It emits a very light scent for about 15 minutes and then NOTHING,

Absolute waste of a dollar.  Poo!

Kitchen Timer

My old kitchen timer died in an non-spectacular manner the other day.  So, when I saw this one, I decided to pick it up.  And...

It works pretty good.  The alarm is nice and loud.  The only bad thing is that the display is very small, and it is hard for to see sometimes.

Calendars.  Calendars?  Calendars!

The new year rolled around, and I couldn't find a calendar anywhere.  So, naturally I had to pick up some, because one of my goals is to get more organized and on a schedule.

I did clean up my office later and find some calendars that I had bought earlier.  Story of my life!  Haha!
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