Thursday, February 20, 2014

CVS Trip: Over 75% Savings!

The total was $11.30 without tax, and I got back 9 Extra Care Bucks (+5-10 more from beauty club.)

So I guess technically I made money, but my wallet is $11.30 lighter, ya know? 

I spent more than I usually do, but my dad has to use a certain type of shampoo and conditioner.  (And I have a wee bit of a nail polish obsession.  Just a wee one. Haha!)  So, I think this was a pretty good deal given that. 

Also, sometimes I don't mind paying a little more out of pocket to try something like the Nuance Volumizing Hair Foam or the Sally Hansen Polish.  (Been eyeing it for awhile, because the bottle is so pretty!)

I also don't just buy things because they are cheap or free.  If it is something I don't/won't use I leave it for others to get.  Even if it is absolutely free or makes me money.  (I don't love useless clutter in my house.  I have plenty already.  So sometimes I pay a little more than some of the other bloggers out there.  Just a different philosophy I guess.)

Want to see how I did it?  Click Below

These prices/deals are good through Saturday, 2/22/14. 

ECBs = Extra Care Bucks

Subtotal = pre-tax total (Post-tax total will differ depending on each state)

Transaction #1

The Breakdown:

(1) M&M's Birthday Cake Flavor (.75) so good...

(3) Clear Scalp and Hair Conditioner - on sale 2/$10 ($15)
 - used: (2) $2.50/1 (1/26 RP)
 - used: (1) $1.25/1 (All You Magazine)

(1) Nuance Volumizing Foam 8.99
 - used: $5/$20 Shampoo, Conditioner, or Styler CVS coupon

Used: 8 ECBs

Subtotal: $5.49
Received 5 ECBs (Clear Shampoo Deal) and .75 ECBs (M&Ms)

Transaction #2

The Breakdown:

(2) CVS brand Apricot Scrub - regular price 3.29 each ($6.58)
 - used: $2 off 2 CVS brand facial cleansers or moisturizers CVS coupon

(1) Nivea Color & Care Lip Item - regular price $4.99
 - used: FREE Nivea Color & Care CVS email coupon

(1) Nuance Nail Enamel Protective Base Coat - regular price $5.99

(1) Sally Hanson Nail Enamel Triple Shine in Twinkled Pink (310) - regular price $4.99

used: $4/$12 cosmetics CVS red machine coupon
used: 5.75 ECBs from transaction #1

Subtotal: $5.81
Received: 3 ECBs (CVS brand face products deal); 3 ECBs (Nuance Products Deal); 3ECBs (Sally Hansen Deal), 5-10 ECBs (Beauty Club)

So, all in all:  Paid $11.30 out of pocket today, and received 14-19 ECBS for next week. Oh yeah!

Sorry if there is any cat hair in the pictures:

My assistant (Fluff) was extra vigilant with the product arrangement today.  :)
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