Thursday, February 6, 2014

My First PINCHme Box!

Y'all I am so excited that I finally got my first PINCHme box!  I ordered my first one back on January 8th, and I was starting to think they forgot about me. Haha! (It was worth the wait though.)


What is PINCHme?

PINCHme sends you a box of samples to try totally free of charge.  New samples pop up on their site every couple of weeks or so. (They always have a banner with the release date of the next samples on their page.)

All you have to do is add them to your box and submit your "order."  (You can usually do 2-3 samples.) 

Then you wait in anticipation for your very own PINCHme box to arrive at your door step.  (It's almost as good as Christmas, guys!)

You, then go on the PINCHme site and, review the samples you received.  Each review you submit earns you points which in turn gets you badges and a higher lever (account level?) that opens up even more possibilities.  (I'm still a mere level 1, guys. So, I'll let you know once I can evolve. haha)

So, what's the catch?

Samples are first come, first served, and they "sell out" QUICKLY.  I think the last ones only lasted about an hour.  (I wasn't home, so I missed out. Poo.)

So, if you sign up, write the next release date in every planner you own.  Put post-its on every door.  And then, you too can get some amazing samples from the folks at PINCHme. (Yes, I did mean for that last bit to be read in a cheesy announcer voice.)

Off to geek out over this box. EEE!!!

Here's what I got:
 - Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion (worked awesome on my hands...virtually fragrance free as well)
 - U by Kotex Sample Pack (The pad wrappers are so cute on these. They gave me a great coupon too.)
 - Wild Ophelia All Natural New Orleans Chili Dark Chocolate Bar (Delicious, and unlike any chocolate bar I have ever had.  Definitely recommend.)
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