Sunday, February 9, 2014

Samples I Got (February 2-8)

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Awesome Sample Blogs That I Follow:


I got some awesome samples this week! Want to see the goods? CLICK below!

P&G Brand Sampler

Yay! I love the P&G Brand Sampler.  I got some Gain Fireworks which I already use and love.  (I am actually sniffing the fool out of these right now like they are new tennis balls or something.  Don't judge me!)  I also got some Cascade Platinum dishwasher pacs.  And...a ton of coupons that are good all month long!  

Not signed up for this sampler yet?

Head on to their website (HERE) and sign up.  P&G sends out this sampler quarterly, and sometimes I have even gotten great coupons in my mailbox in the times in between.


Want to get this sampler? Head on over to PINCHme and sign up.  (Also you can find my pinchme posts HERE)

Suave Advanced Therapy Lotion (2oz)

I honestly wrote this stuff off as "cheap crappy lotion" before I tried it.  (I'm a bit of a lotion snob, and this stuff is really inexpensive in the store.)  Let me tell you though, I put this stuff on and amazing things happened.  I absolutely love this stuff! My dried out lizard hands look human again!

My dad liked it so much as well, and he has awful hands from working outdoors all the time.  It improved them really quickly and it is virtually fragrance free.

I am sorry I doubted you, Suave.  

U by Kotex Sample Pack

I haven't gotten to use these yet, but I think the wrappers are super cute!  Kotex also gave me a great coupon, so I definitely be buying a box of these.

Wild Ophelia All Natural New Orleans Chili Dark Chocolate Bar

Y'all...I'm still not over this chocolate bar.  I don't even like chocolate, especially dark chocolate, but I scarfed this sucker down.   It started out tasting like any other high end dark chocolate bar, but then the taste of the chili started to slowly come out.  It wasn't too hot; it was just a nice warm flavor.  It was honestly unlike any candy item I have ever had. (In a good way!)  I felt like I had some type of culinary experience those people on the food shows talk about.

Also, they are made in the USA and are responsibly sourced.  I think these would make awesome gifts.  On their site, it says they are sold at Walgreen's among other places.  I will definitely be keeping my eye out.

Wild Ophelia Site

Especially Escada Elixir (Eau de Parum)

I got a peel-off sample of Especially Escada.  I actually took it for a "road test" today while I got my coupon on.  It smelled very lovely.  I have yet to find an Escada fragrance that I didn't like. 

Diamond Crystal Salt Water Tester and Information Packet

This was a great packet from Diamond Crystal Salt.  It came with a tester for hard water, and had a ton of great information about hard water.  (I swear we have the hardest water ever.  Ugh.)
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