Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bargain Trip: Big Lots Mini Haul

There is always time for a trip to Big Lots.

Nothing too exciting this time, but they did have all of their books 90% off (including coloring and activity books.) 

More details Below:

I bee-line to the beauty section when I walk in the door, but they didn't have anything new or exciting.  I did find some other great stuff though:

Prince of Peace Premium Oolong Tea (100 bags) - $3.20

I bought this before and have already used a third of that box.  So being the tea vacuum that I am, I had to buy a couple of more boxes in fear that I won't be able to find it again.

Morton Natural Epsom Salt (2lbs) in Lavender and Eucalyptus - $2

They had 1lb bags of generic (like brand matters with this) scented epsom salt.  So, I felt like this was a good deal.  I usually add my own oils to plain epsom salt when I do a few of my DIYs.  So, I hope the scent is pronounced enough in these blends that I don't need to add more.

Lexar 16G Jump Drive - $10

I needed a jump drive, and I thought this was a pretty good deal.'s pink, even better.

Cori Extra Virgin Olive Oil (17oz) - $3

Good price on oil with a really long expiration date.  Nothing more to say...

Westsoy Vanilla Soy Milk (1qt) - $1

I love this stuff in my coffee in the morning.  It's also a good backup to have on the shelf when crazy expensive dairy milk isn't in the budget.


I also found an amazing surprise deal: all the books were 90% off!!!

I had to grab a bunch of coloring books, activity books, and kids' books for Christmas presents:

All of the coloring and activity books, even the giant ones with stickers inside, were $.20 each.  Oh yeah!

The Transformers mix and match hardcover was $.50.

They had a whole wall of stuff including novels.  I would have gotten more, but most of the kids books were for a younger age group than I needed. 
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