Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bargain Trip: Big Lots Haul

Going into Big Lots is always fun, because you truly never know what they have.  I went in to look for more nail polish, (because I'm an addict) and I found a lot of good deals on practical things that I actually needed for the house. 

I still picked up a polish, though.  ;)

I happened upon this glorious Renuzit deal by accident:

Renuzit Singles ($.33 each)
Mandarin Lemonade
Pumpkin Latte
Berry Scary
Festive Snow
Spooky Citrus

Renuzit 3pk ($.99 each)
Melon and Starfruit

Some of these do have seasonal labels on them.  With the exception of pumpkin latte and festive snow, I don't think any of the scents are seasonal.  I mean, I don't give a crap anyway.  I like what scents I like, and I will put them out whenever.  The labels are just plastic sleeves that can be torn off if needed though.

I am totally going back today to see if they have more.  I feel like I should have bought way more at that price.  I especially hope that they have the Melon and Starfruit. It is amazing!

Edit:  I went to another Big Lots that was closer to me, and they had theirs priced at $.90 for a single.  So, be wary of that.  I hope it's just that they haven't had time to mark them down yet.

TuffStuff 4 gal trash bags (65ct) $1.00
I thought this was a good deal, because the dollar store packs are 50ct.

Zote Pink Soap (14.1oz bar) - $.90
I was so excited to find this at Big Lots.  I've been making my own laundry detergent for years and needed some more laundry soap to make some more soon.  These work great and are way cheaper, for the amount of product, than the Fels Naptha soap.

I think Walmart has these for around $1.50 a bar.  I'm not sure.  If you have followed me for more than a bit, you know I avoid Walmart like the plague.  I only go in there if there is absolutely no other place in town or around to get an item.  (If you live near a decent Walmart, count your blessings.  Seriously.)

Sephora by OPI nail polish in It's All About Me - $1.80
One nice thing about this particular Big Lots' terrible nail polish display is that I was able to find another cute color in this polish that was already gone in the other stores.  They literally have them shoved to the back of a bottom shelf that is 4" high.  You gotta dig, and I ain't scared.  :)

I used this polish and the I'm Wired one that I got in my last haul yesterday.  It is a great formula.  They have the wide salon brushes and are opaque in 1-2 coats (depending on how thin you do them.)   I'm not sure about the wear time yet.  (I'm on day 3 with no chips in sight.)  That varies for each person anyway.  You have to take into account other factors like nail routine, top coat, base coat, how rough you are on your hands, etc.  I love these though, and I will buy more if I come across some more colors that I love. 

Aspen Easy Ware Heavy Duty Microwavable 20oz Paper Bowls (50ct) - $3.00
Super good deal!  My dad goes through these like crazy.  They originally had a whole display of these, but I got the last 2 packs they had.

Royal Cosmetic Applicators (75ct) - $1.00
These are pointy on one side and flat, blunt, and fat on the other.  They will be great for nail art.  I swear that they have Royal brand stuff at the dollar tree too.

Good Earth Tea Vanilla Chai Tea (18 bags) - $1.80
Good Earth Tea Cocoa Tango Black Tea (18 bags) - $1.80
I love this tea.  So, I had to have it.  I go through bagged and loose hot tea like a maniac.  I guess there's worst things to which to be addicted.


Did y'all know that Big Lots emails out coupons now if you have the buzz card?  I got an email for $5 off $15 in store that gave me all week to use it.  So, I able to get an even better deal on all this stuff.

I don't think that there is any real rhyme or reason as to how they send them out.  Make sure you are signed up with your email, and use your buzz card every time.  I'll take coupons like that all day long!  (Especially since CVS has seemingly forgotten about me.  Come back to me, 20% off!!!!)

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