Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Coupon List (Knoxville Area)

This is definitely not a complete list, and I'll tell you why:

I get 2 Knoxville News Sentinel subscriptions mailed to my door each week, and neither of this week's papers had the full insert.  They only had one page.  Oddly enough, it was a different page in each one.

So, I went to 3 gas stations close to my home.  Luckily, the attendants were nice and let me flip through the papers before I bought them, because none of those had the full insert.  They just had one page (a different page in each one yet again.)  I wasn't about to waste 2 bucks an issue to get more pages.  (Ain't no insert worth $50!)

So I greatly apologize for not being able to do the full list this week.  Hopefully, next week this will go back to the usual.

If you get your coupons exclusively from the Knoxville News Sentinel, please make sure to check your papers.  (I already talked to a couple of people who had the same problem as me this morning.)

Now, I don't work for the paper at all.  So, I can't say what the issue has been, because I don't know their process for packing/sending the papers.  I can say that I have yet to have both of my Sunday subscriptions papers complete without missing parts for several weeks now.  It is super frustrating!  (Hopefully this is just limited to my area/carrier and not all y'all's too.)

Here's the coupons that were included between both of my papers:

Band-Aid - $.75/2 - bandage products (excl trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/20
Bengay - $1/1 - product (excl trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/20
Johnson & Johnson - $1/2 - red cross brand products (excl trial sz and first aid kits) - limit 4 like - 7/20
Neosporin - $1/1 - first aid product or eczema essentials (excl trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/20
Tropicana - $1/1 - farmstand juice (46oz) - exp 7/31
Tyson - $.50/1 - lunch meat (14oz) - exp 7/31
Vidal Sassoon - $2/1 - box hair color (excl shampoo, conditioner, stylers, trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/31
Vidal Sassoon - $2/1 - shampoo or conditioner (excl 12oz and trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/31
Vidal Sassoon - $2/1 - styling product (excl trial sz) - limit 4 like - exp 7/31

This is one of the few times that I have lost money on coupons.  Nine coupons between two papers :(
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