Saturday, October 18, 2014

Staples: Clearance Haul

I got a coupon from Staples in the mail for $10 off any $10+ purchase.  So, naturally that moment I was near one, I had to pop in and check out the clearance.  A coupon for $10 off is not something to let go to waste.

And I found some great things to use for presents, youtube giveaways, or whatever else.  Whoohoo!

Most of the items that I got were from the Staples' Teen Vogue line, but I did get a few other things:

Cute Animal Notebooks - $1.00ea

Hedgehog Pencil Sharpener - $0.50

Star Eraser Packs - $0.25

Hello Kitty Stamps - $0.50

Alright, on to the Teen Vogue stuff!

Paper Clip Tin - $0.50

Floral Sticky Note Cube - $1.00

Designer Staplers - $2.00ea

Pencils 4pk - $0.50ea

Binder Clips - $0.50

Small Notebooks 2pk - $0.50ea

Various Eraser Packs - $0.50ea

Floral Spiral Notebook - $0.50

Skull 1.5" Binder - $0.50

Plaid Skull 2" D-ring Binder - $1.00

Cameo Pocket Folder - $0.25

Pencil Bag - $1.00
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